The Different Forex Trading Systems that You Can Use

Using Forex Trading Systems

The forex trading market is open to those who seek a profit-making venture.  The most important aspect is to ensure that you learn about trading before you commence live action.  You should develop a suitable strategy before you start trading to ensure that you know what you want to achieve from the market.  The most suitable strategy is normally one that suits your personality and style of trading.  You could combine strategies to aid you in finding one that suits your needs.

Trends with Forex Trading Systems

Trend following is one of the effective forex trading systems.  It is not very complicated to follow and the data that you require to implement the strategy is normally easily accessible.  Hence, this method is often recommended for beginner traders.  The trend strategy uses charts to check on trends.  You can use daily and weekly charts for this purpose.  Beginners should not make use of charts that have shorter timeframes as you will not have the experience to follow the trends.  Once the trend has been fully charted, you can go ahead and trade.  The decision to go up or down will be based on your chart results and your personal plan.

The Day Trading Systems

Day trading is not always called a strategy as some traders think of it as a trading method.  Day trading requires that you hold on to your positions for a specific time.  These trades are generally not held for more than a single day.  In fact, many day traders do not hold their positions for more than a few hours.  This strategy is suitable for traders who have experience in the trading world as you have to know exactly what you are doing and know when to exit your trades to benefit from it.

The Fundamental Systems

This strategy also goes by the term ‘news trading’ simply because in is based on news announcement and reports.  It uses this information to predict specific movements in the marketplace.  This form of trading is not beneficial to all traders.  The amount of news releases and announcement, along with economic events that you have to keep up with is enormous.  This makes it cumbersome for some traders as they simply do not have the time or the desire to undertake this task.

The Carry Trading Systems

This strategy is also recommended for beginners because of its simplicity.  The strategy also goes by the term ‘interest rate strategy.’  Traders use this strategy when they buy a currency with a higher interest rate than another currency, and hang on to it.  For each trading day that you hold onto your chosen currency, you earn the difference between the rates.  The main advantage to this strategy is that you earn income regardless of whether the pair moves or not.  You should make use of your leverage level to benefit greatly from this strategy.  Your trading risks are normally increased with high levels of leverage and you must bear in mind that if your strategy takes the wrong turn, you are at risk of losing a lot of money.

One of the disadvantages of this strategy is that the smallest movements in the forex market affect the pair.  This increases your risk.  The pair will take a sharp decline if there is any movement and you may not be able to get rid of it quickly enough.



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