A Beginner’s Guide To The Forex Market: The Demo Forex Account

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forex market

Trading in the forex market requires some expertise. It is mostly unpredictable and investors almost always end up making last minute calculations. Hence it is important to learn about forex trading as much as possible and hone your trading skills before you start dealing with real money. This is possible through trading on a forex demo account. A demo or sample account enables traders to get an inside view of the actual market and trade practices. Later if you choose to graduate to a live account, the earlier demo experiences come to the rescue.

Features of a sample forex account

Different forex brokers offer different account features to their clients. However, there are a few characteristics that are universal. These are:

• It is free account.
• Clients can register for it through their names, emails and phone numbers only.
• There is no actual investment involved.
• This account comes with a hefty virtual booty. On an average, a demo account carries a cash amount of $50,000 to invest in the virtual forex market.

Five reasons why you need a demo account for trading:

1) It teaches you forex trading practices
The forex market is volatile. For a trading novice, there is apparently no way to learn about it except by experience and losses. Yet, through a sample account, they can understand the basics of how the forex market works. Clients learn about schemes and strategies to apply in the real market.

2) It offers training in real time trading
The forex market is a real place with real players. What prospective traders gain from a demo account, is a repeated training process. This builds their confidence and sharpens their trading instincts.

3) It is no-risk trading
Since the sample account doesn’t need any real money, the learning process is smoother, unhurried, and risk-free. If there are trading errors, only virtual cash is lost in this simulated forex market.

4) Demo forex account offers technical expertise
There are so many technical aspects involved in the forex market. With a simulated account, a trader learns about diverse trading points, categories, calculations, exchange rates, time-trade relations, and lots more.

5) It offers complete trading management
Amateur traders develop their knowledge about market behavior, trade execution, inherent risks and how to avoid them, trade flexibility, price dynamics, and foreign trading platforms.

However, there a couple of things a forex trading enthusiast must remember:

• The Demo account is meant for a static, programmed market: In spite of the obvious benefits, the account does not operate in the real market. This can lead to a potential trader developing unrealistic practices and expectations. They might not develop the right attitude to risks and safe play. Too much simulation could build the wrong approach for trading.

• Unhealthy trading practices: The forex market, with its daily tensions and changeability, is way different from the controlled environment of a sample account. Hence, the rules of trading vary and so do the practices. A trader might not fully understand market liquidity. Their gut instinct gets numb and too much risk taking might also become a norm.

The forex market is a challenging place and a previous trading experience certainly helps. It is however, important to see that future traders learn the right practice and proper execution to succeed.



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